Benefit1: A service of a complimentary drink or a dish of dessert.
A choice of a complimentary drink or a dish of desert from our welcome menu.
*Depending on the season certain choices could be excluded from the menu.
Benefit 2: Food&Beverage at a discounted rate.
*Limited to members only! We provide food&beverage to our members at a discounted rate.
Benefit 3: One free cosplay per accomodation.
*500Yen per additional costumes
Benefit 8: Special Event Bonus
We offer special bonus points per seasonal events.
(For details please contact the front desk. Each events occur occasionally)
Benefit 9: Ranking Up Bonus
5th stay: Rank Metal +500pt
10th stay: Rank Silver +500pt
20th stay: Rank Gold +1,000pt
30th stay: Rank Platinum +1,500pt
40th stay: Rank Black +2,000pt
50th stay: Rank VIP +3,000pt