「Is it possible to go out?」
Yes, But please leave your room key with our front desk.
「Are there any WIFI connecitons?」
Yes, all rooms have Complimentary WIFI connetion.
「Are there any parking lots and convinience stores nearby?」
Yes, there are convinience stores and parking lots nearby.
Please check our map for locations.
「Is there a refrigerator in the room?」
Yes, all our rooms are equipted with a refrigerator.
「Are any amenties available?」
Yes, we have optional and complementary amenities.
Please ask our front desk for details.
「Are umbrellas available for sudden rain?」
「Are there any underclothe available for unexpected stays?」
Yes, we have optional and complementary amenities.
Please check our Services/Facility.
「How long are the rest hours and free times?」
It depends on the type of room you select.
Please check our Rates/Room Types.
「Do you have costumes for rental?」
Yes, we have over 100 variations of costumes.
「Do you accept payments by credit cards?」
Yes, we accept VISA,MasterCard,American Express, DC,UC,Diners Club,
Discover and Union Pay
「Is there a membership card?」
Yes there is, please click the link for informations.